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NBSE Nagaland HSLC result 2017

NBSE Nagaland HSLC result 2017: The student who faced the NBSE HSLC exams they are waiting for the result declaration dateThe NBSE (Nagaland Board of School Education)  have responsibilities to conduct the exams and they also develop the position of the secondary education.

NBSE Nagaland HSLC result 2017

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The Nagaland Board also comprises of co-opted members, ex-official members as well as the members who are nominated by  the Government. The Chairman is the full time chief executive and he or she has responsibilities to provide the announcement regard the exams a Nagaland HSLC result 2017 declaration. Moreover, the board conducts exams for varying departments. The exam held in varying categories and it will be taken in the peaceful manner.

The authorities also arrange all the facilities to eliminate all the complications by the way they supports the students to get mores scores. The Nagaland Board of School Education is  called as NBSE HSLC result and this board also aimed to educate the people moreover  it tries to achieve several objectives.

For the students’ welfare, the board also prescribes the NBSE HSLC exams, which also include the conditions of exams.  As per the conditions, the board conducts the exams, and they do all the priority actions to conduct the exams in the effective manner. Now the paper evaluation process going on so the candidate can able to receive their results quickly, this year the board also decides to announce the Nagaland HSLC result 2017 date in some different criteria like the merit list, and toppers list.

Students also have possibilities to get the results via the mail or SMS. This facility is arranged for the students’ welfare. With this, you can able to obtain the result without any complications. The Nagaland Board of School Education decides to release the NBSE HSLC results 2017 in the official website. In addition, the board advises the students to visit their website. It is the excellent way to get the information as the fast manner.

Nagaland HSLC result 2017 complete information

Nagaland board HSLC result 2017

Nagaland board HSLC result 2017: The NBSE conducts the examination  based on different categories and the board taken the exam with the perfect manner, the yearly number of students take these exams seriously at the same time they achieve their targets in this exam. In the student life  the  HSLC  exams are one of the most essential factors and it is the main tool  to promote their careers.

Nagaland board HSLC result 2017

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Now the NBSE Result 2017 will be announced quickly, the declaration about the result will be available in the official site. This facility is help to get the result early. Due to this, the board arranges this. Moreover the board only takes 45 days after the exams to announce the result. This year also the board takes the same time so the Nagaland board HSLC result 2017 will be available to check the upcoming days. The students also excited about their result and they are eagerly waiting to get their result.

The result will be available to check school wise, Name Wise. This feature helps to find the result quickly as it eliminates all the difficulties. The Nagaland Board of School Education also decides the NBSE HSLC result date and, now the board is ready to announce the results for HSLC. The candidates can able to get their result in the 1st week of May 2017.  The board does not announce the exact result announcement time.

The board also announces the result for the Commerce, Science, Vocational and Arts. The students who have faced these examinations they are looking for the information regarding the Nagaland HSLC result date. The exams held in the February and March.

Now the board notifies the result announcement and the result has decided to display on the web portal. Therefore take the importance of the official site to get your result; it is the ideal choices for the students.

Nagaland board HSSLC result 2017

Nagaland board HSSLC result 2017 : Nagaland board of secondary education does provide you with NBSE HSSLC result 2017 official website, all the students are required to visit website to get the desired details.

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Enter the following details :-

  • Candidate while updated about the website can visit website at any point in time.
  • Browsed through the website and look for the link RESULTS for NBSE HSLC / HSSLC 2017.
  • Go on to the link
  • You will be required to enter date of birth and registration number
  • Press the OK button
  • NBSE 12th results will be displayed on the screen
  • You will be provided with the option of either saving the document or get the print out of it.

This is how you can check NBSE Nagaland HSLC/HSSLC result from the official website of Nagaland Board results.

For more information type you can easily Google and find out your link very easily : –

  • Name of the organization: Nagaland Board of Secondary Education
  • Name of the Examination: HSLC / HSSLC
  • Examination: March month 2017
  • You might encounter the following message on the website: Examination Releasing time table; very soon
  • Kindly note that official websites is: http: //

NBSE HSCL/HSSLC result 2017 declaration date

NBSE HSCL/HSSLC result 2017 declaration date : Nagaland Board of School Education (abbreviated as NBSE) is a board of school education in state of Nagaland, India. TBSE is state institution of the Government of Nagaland in India, it is responsible for the development and promotion of secondary education in Nagaland.

Nagaland HSLC result 2017

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  • The NBSE was setup in an Act by the Nagaland Legislative Assembly and received the assent of the Governor on the 15th of November 1973.
  • It started workinging from the 1st of October 1974, and in March 1975, the Board held its first High School Leaving Certificate Examination at 6 (six) centres, for 2008 (two thousand and eight) candidates.
  • The NBSE ( Amendment ) Act 1990 empowers the Board to conduct the higher secondary school leaving certificate examination under the three streams- science, arts and commerce.

NBSE results 2017 – Click here 


  • The Board comprises of ex-officio members, members nominated by the Government and co-opted members.
  • There is a full time Chairman who is the chief-executive. The different departments of the office are examination, administration, accounts, computer and academic.


  • The territory of Nagaland is the jurisdiction of the Board.

NBSE results 2017 declaration date – Click here 

NBSE HSSLC result 2017 Nagaland Declaration

NBSE HSSLC result 2017 Nagaland Declaration: Downloading process of the Nagaland Board of School Results 2017 is simple, and the board announces the result details on their site. The candidates instructed to check the result periodically. This exam conducted at varying exam centers and the candidates successfully completed this exam.

NBSE HSSLC result 2017 Nagaland

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Now the candidates who take this exam, they are waiting to get the result. The Nagaland board also decided to announce the result details in the upcoming days, now the students are stunning and they think about the result.  The NBSE (Nagaland Board of School Education) is ready announcing the HSSLC result 2017 via their official website.

Every year the Nagaland Board conducts varies examinations and they provide the notifications about the result. The NBSE takes all the arrangements to announce the NBSE HSSLC result 2017 date. so you will receive your result quickly. Secondly, the board also formed to provide the best quality education to the candidates.

The board also decided to announce the NBSE HSLC as well as the HSSLC Result 2017 in the May month. The toppers as well as the Merit list 2017 will be available soon on their site. The candidates who written these exams they requested to check their result on the official site. The board decides to release the NBSE HSSLC result in different website, to get your result quickly you may instruct to click the direct link.

It is one  of the most effective way to download the examination results. Due to this fact the students always requested to visit the online portal. Moreover the online site also provides the simple and the easy steps to obtain your  appropriate NBSE HSSLC result declaration quickly. Therefore, consider these steps to download and check your result soon.  The candidates who  are take this exam just wait for a few days your result coming soon.

NBSE results 2017 declaration date 

NBSE HSLC result 2017 declaration date

NBSE HSLC result 2017 declaration date: The NBSE successfully conducted the HSLC exams and the board also taking all the process to take the paper evaluation process, after the paper evaluates the board will announce the result details. At the same time, the board will publish the merit as well as the toppers list. It will help to understand the complete pass percentage.

NBSE HSLC result 2017

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Nowadays Education is one of the essential as well as the powerful tool, it is the main factor to achieve lots of things in the world. Moreover, education is the important tool to enhance our careers. Nagaland HSLC result date will be released soon. Due to this, the Nagaland Board of School Education conducts varied exams to improve the skills of the students.

With their examinations, they also provide great knowledge to the students by the way they enhances the students’ future. The students who are faced the Nagaland HSLC exams they also waiting for their results.  Students are not only waiting for the NBSE HSLC result 2017 declaraction date, parents and the teachers also waiting to get the result 2017.

The NBSE was formed in the year of 1973 November 15.  The board was started their work in the year of 1974.  In March 1975, the NBSE started to conduct the first High School examinations. At first, the exam held on six exam centers.  Nearly 2000 candidates took this exam. At the same time, the board also empowers the successful students with the prices.

This process continues and the other students also leaving with their certificates. In general, this board conducts the exams under the following three streams such as arts, commerce and science. In this year the board conducts the exams in the march/ April months, now the students are eagerly waiting for the result announcement, if you have taken this exam, then you should look at their official website because the NBSE HSLC result date will be available soon, and the updates regard the result also available in their site.

NBSE results 2017 declaration date